6 Practical Ways to Save Money While Starting Your Spring Garden

It’s no secret that growing even a small vegetable and herb garden saves money on grocery bills through the spring and summer months (and, if you preserve them, through the fall and winter, as well). What’s not as well-known is the expense of putting one in. For me, gardening always seemed like an inexpensive hobby. After all, it’s just plants, dirt, [...]

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Debt Snowball – Highest Interest vs Smallest Loans First

Mathematically, it’s obvious that paying off loans with the highest interests rate first makes the most financial sense but as you may know, some financial experts promote [...]

What Not to Buy This Summer

Consumers go out in full force every summer, with barbecues, vacations, beach trips and more. After all, the season of summer is an exciting time reconnecting with family, [...]

How to Find the Right Financial Advice for You

We all need a little help sometimes when it comes to our finances, and getting the right financial advice can make a big difference in your long-term financial success. But [...]

Is Dave Ramsey’s Advice Right for You?

Dave Ramsey is a sensation in the world of personal finance. He may even be the most popular financial guru of our time. He has had several TV shows, he’s a best selling [...]

Here’s the Scoop on This Year’s Memorial Day Sales

We all know that Memorial Day isn’t just about sales, but you have to admit retailers have done a pretty thorough job of conditioning us to associate summer’s first [...]

Talking About Money with Family Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Words like “budget”, “bills”, or “expenses” can instantly rise the stress level in some marriages, but the common family spends and receives money on a weekly if [...]

What Does Location Independence Mean to You?

Can you live anywhere you want? Do you have a job that allows you to earn money, no matter where you are? We hear a lot about location independence today. We like the idea of [...]

How to Turn Business Trips into Vacations for $0

I worked as an analyst for a Fortune 500 company years ago. My job was basically to help banks become as profitable as possible. We used proprietary software (best of its [...]

Minding the Gap: Should Graduates Take a Year Off Before College?

Long before high school seniors fret about those caps and gowns in the next few months, they’ve been thinking about the next step. Students are encouraged to go to college [...]

11 Tips for Packing a Healthy, Frugal Lunch Your Kids Will Actually Eat

I am volunteering one day a week as a lunch room helper at my kids’ elementary school this school year. After a few weeks, I can share these observations with my fellow [...]