Sinking Funds: Thinking Backwards to Plan Ahead

The concept of a “sinking fund” might be as foreign to you as it was to me when I came across it a while ago. Just looking up the definition can be confusing since there are at least two uses for the term: A strategy for the repayment of a specific debt over a period of time A strategy for funding a known future expense Historically, the term originated [...]

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How to Avoid Spending Temptations

My most recent spending temptation was an adorable Jack-o-Lantern bowl I saw at Wal-Mart on the Saturday before Halloween. I imagined putting candy in the $2 bowl for our [...]

Top 4 Money Mistakes People Make Trying to Lose Weight

Getting fit or staying healthy is usually on the top of everyone’s goal list. While it is a worthwhile goal that will pour many benefits into your life, it should not be a [...]

5 Tips for Affordable Travel

I’m in the midst of an eight-week travel extravaganza. While it hasn’t exactly been easy on my wallet, it also hasn’t been devastating for my finances. Here are some of [...]

Signs You’ve Become Too Frugal

Being frugal is generally praised. Your grandparents tell you how smart it is to be frugal. Your uncle boasts about how his refrigerator is older than you are. You read that [...]

4 Purposes for a Proactive Financial Calendar

I’m obsessed with organization. You know — one of those people who writes something down just so they can cross it off. While I’m overly organized in most areas of life, [...]

Personal Finance is Indeed Personal

What I love about personal finance is that everyone’s situation is unique. Yet, the more the details are different, the more the solutions stay the same. What’s more [...]

5 Tips to Save on Your Child’s Back to School Wardrobe

School bells are ringing in the distance. Although it seems like summer just started a few weeks ago, it’s already time for parents to start budgeting and planning their [...]

Have You Reviewed Your Money Goals Recently?

We hear, all the time, about how important it is to set money goals. But what happens if your money goals no longer make sense? There’s nothing wrong with changing your [...]

Challenge: Find One Spending Category to Cut Entirely

Self-control is a challenging thing to master, as it’s always easy to cheat just a little bit. For instance, you may tell yourself to stop eating candy on the weekdays. But [...]

When ‘Saving Money’ Actually Costs Us More on Purchases

I’m a sucker for a good deal and feel proud when I avoid spending money I don’t have to. More than once, I’ve let eagerness to save money lead me to do things that eat [...]