The One Way to Never Fall Into Debt Again

Debt is literally a four letter word; it just also happens to mean you owe money. Many Americans have a dream they’ll never realize: living without debt. Yet, the dream is possible for nearly everyone – just be prepared for the sea change of behavior required to make it happen. If you are unprepared, your ship will never make it to the safe harbor of [...]

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6 Ways to Save on Your Water Bill This Summer

Now that summer is here, that means two things for your lawn and garden for most of you. Either you will have a brown lawn and save money on your water bill, or you will have [...]

3 Money Things Making My Life Easier While Traveling in Canada

I’m taking a trip across Canada right now. So far, it’s been a great experience. And, of course, it’s a great time to come to Canada from the United States because the [...]

How to Prepare Cheap (And Fast) Meals and Snacks at Home

Preparing cheap meals at home isn’t hard, but the task gets more complicated if you want to do it quickly. This article will show you how to do. I’ve been cooking nearly [...]

Getting Started: Small Business Wisdom from a Local Entrepreneur

I had the opportunity this week to chat with a small business owner from my local farmers market. Three years ago, she launched a coffee roasting company which sources its [...]

3 Viable Options for Dealing with Overwhelming Debt

If you’re in debt up to your eyeballs with no relief in sight, what do you do? According to advice from, you have several options. But whatever you do, don’t [...]

The 4 Sources of Clutter and How to Kick Them Out of Your Life

Last week, I wrote on the four financial benefits that one could gain from decluttering their homes. It is amazing the power that clutter can have over our finances and mental [...]

What’s in Your Wallet? How to Decide Which Credit Cards to Use

I love the idea of using credit cards for everything. In fact, I do use credit cards for most of my purchases. Credit cards allow me to automate my finances to some degree, [...]

Why You’ll Love a Percentage-Based Budget

How would you like to spend whatever amount of money you desire? Therein lies the beauty of the percentage based budget. With this type of budget, no amount of spending is too [...]

Do You Suffer From Financial Anxiety?

Northwestern Mutual conducted a survey earlier this year that shows most Americans still feel a great deal of financial anxiety. Among the adults they interviewed, 85% said [...]

What College Graduates Can Expect Now

During my senior year in college I learned to dread the common question “So, what’s next?” Even though I graduated at a more robust economic time (2001), I still found [...]